Untouchable Billionaires

The Truth Will Confuse Me

Chapter 7

“Ernest, I do not know what made them think that.” Irene in bewilderment, and in a whispering voice.

Ernest bends to hear her voice, as he continually responds in whispers. From a distance it really looks like they are lovers.

“I have portraits of you.”

“Like where, I only see that.”

“It is… kind of everywhere.”

“A what?”

“I know.”

Irene moves towards his parents.

“Hello, good evening, my name is Irene,” as she is about to turn around to Ernest.

“Yes, he says you’re his boss.” Leonora replies.

“Well yeah.”

“You are just like me, I’m the boss too, right.”

Thomas, like clockwork responds, “yeah she’s the boss.”

Irene sees that there is no way out of this easily. Turns her head to look for Ernest. He is standing a little to her right. Then she raises her right hand and pats his face in an endearing fashion.

“Ah ha. Ernest darling. Why didn’t you tell me it was meet the parents night? I came in so unprepared for this.” Was Irene’s dry response. But in the spirit of the night, she goes along for the ride.

“We did not expect to come here, we kind of surprised him.” Thomas answered for both of them.

“Can I just settle in,” Irene, a little unsettled by her response, “Ernest can you take these to our room?”

“Mom, dad, I’ll be back in a bit.” Ernest asking permission from his parents.

“Take your time,” Leonora smiling, all the way up. Then both of them sat back down, while Ernest and Irene went to Ernest’s room.

Ernest, leading her to the rooms, “to your room Ernest,” Irene barks an order.

“Why? What?” 

Irene stares back like how a boss will stare back at you at an attempt to defy orders.

He opens the door and gets inside, while Irene follows.

“Oh, that, that is a pretty large portrait of me. Did your folks see that?”

“I’m afraid so.”

“Why do you have a large portrait of me? It is like one of those stalker movies.”

Mea Culpa. I do not have any answers really. It started out with just one, but I seem to like that portrait of you so I had another copy and blew it up and here it is.”

“Why did you ask about me, getting a makeup on?”

“Well, I… I do not know. Well… you see, women that I think do, when they want to attract men, they kind of, you know…”

“Put on a make up.”


“And you said I do not need to because?”

“Sigh, because you are attractive already, it will just, you know some people will look older and… I do not know.”

“So you are saying that you are…”

“Attracted to you. Yes. Guilty as charged.”

“You find me hot?”

“Sexy, alluring, like my princess. But I couldn’t say this to you. You… you are my boss apparently. And I’m not rich.”

“Well, you may not be that, but you are the richest poor man for me.”

“Oh, by the way, I have never had sex before.”

“So what do you do when you get a hard on?”

“Nothing, I never really got into that part, I was all studying. That seems to take away the attention.”

Irene opens her luggages, and searches for more comfortable clothing.

“I’m sleeping here.”


She starts undressing herself, “with you.”


“On the bed, with you and me, on the same bed. Am I making myself any clearer now.” She finds a more homy dress, not extravagant, but conservative.

“That is a tall order, I can never refuse.” 

Ernest tries to reign in his urges as he struggles with his natural biological reaction. Then Irene comes closer and touches it from the outside.

“Well, at least it gets up for me. I’ve never had a man ever. I think we will have a lot to talk about tonight.”


“Oh, can we get rid of that really large portrait of me. You do not need it. I’m here, darling.” Irene playing around.

“Sure thing.” Ernest takes the portrait out of the room and hides it in another unoccupied room.

Irene comes out of their room, and meets Ernest coming back, “I’m still hungry do you still have food to spare?”

“Yes we do, mom cooked like she was hosting for a feast or something. Come on.  But I guess we’d better do this more formally, they kind of taught me that way.”

“Why yes.”

“Irene, these are my parents, my dad Thomas, and my mom Leonora.”

“What lovely names. Light and alike. It seems like you both are two peas in a pod.”

“Well, highly educated as well.” Leonora observes.

“Mom, dad, she needs  to eat, the flight over here was quite long. If you’ll excuse her.”

“It is alright, we are not imposing or anything, we did not even plan this out at all.” Leonora responds, as she takes on the initiative to shake her hand, and then they both shake hands.

“We did kind of plan this, but never expected this to happen.” Thomas continues.

As both withdraw to the dining area, the old Sirg couple debates on their next action. To tell the truth of their purpose or not.

“Leonora, we should tell Ernest, the truth.”

“Thomas, now is not the right time. Look at him, he’s happy. And I want a grandchild!” She said the last phrase out loud enough for them to hear.

While Irene is eating, both of them could hear them talking, but the last one was quite clear.

“Looks like mom is looking for a grandchild, is that why she’s here?” Irene asks Ernest.

Ernest was a  little shocked at Irene teasing him. Calling his mom, ‘mom’.

“I really do hope so, but it looks like a façade or something.”

“You really do hope so. You are so crushing on me are you?”

“Ever since that day you asked me to work for you. I guess. I could not get that day out of my mind for some reason, it is stuck. 

But me working for you and developing feelings for you would just not work. I would not be in my element anymore, I would be more biased for you. Of which I already am.

My judgement may be affected.”

“Is it affecting you now?”

“Very much I suppose. These developments right now, me opening up to you. I guess I should resign then?”

“Hold that thought darling, let me finish my meal. Oh your dad is saying something and your mother is saying another.”

Ernest, scared now that Irene is calling him darling. While on the other side. The older couple are at an impasse. And she was right, his dad was trying to say something, but his mom won’t let him.

“Leonora, we came all the way here to tell Ernest the truth.”

“If we tell him the truth, what will he think of us? We are going to lose our son Thomas.”

“Hardly, we are the only parents he knows. We have to be straightforward and truthful to him, that is after all what we taught him to be. If not how can we be his parents.”

“Let it be a mystery, there are people who will not know how to take it.”

“Mystery? Leonora it is a lie, let him know the truth, for it will free him more.”

Leonora, tears rolling down her cheeks. They both cried, sobbing silently as they could, controlling their emotions.

Back at the dining table. Irene found the meal quite creative. 

“Wow, I did not know you were a great cook. This is so inn…ven… so innovative I guess.” Comments Irene, and drowns another, “I must really be hungry, these are quite heavy, the mayonnaise and the eggs.”

“Really? Mom did that.”

“Moms are quite good at cooking. I don’t know my way around the kitchen, I usually have someone do the dishes for me.”

“Don’t sweat, let me do it.”

“Ernest, for some reason now, I am nervous at facing your parents now. Are we really going to be boyfriend and girlfriend from hereon.”

“Would you say yes to a guy like me?”

“Would you love a gal like me?”

“I would die for you.”

Irene kissed him on the lips, “go wash.”

Wash the dishes he went, while Irene stood beside him.

“You know that first time you saw me in Wharton. I was actually aiming for you. You had potential, I just didn’t know that it would come to this.”

“You mean you had it planned out.”

“Something is really wrong with your parents, both of them are crying.”

“You know, right now, I do not know what to do, but I really do want you. And them crying like you said is another puzzle. The truth will confuse me more, I think.”