Untouchable Billionaires

Moving In

Chapter 9

Ernest carries Irene to his room. Irene giggles like a schoolgirl, as Ernest lays her on his bed. Ernest taking his shirt off.

“Wait,” Irene stops him from further taking his clothes off and pants down, “shut the door, and lock it.”

“Oh, yes that,” he turns around towards the door to close it. When he turned back, Irene was ready, she had taken her clothes off except for her undies. 

Which naturally would excite any man, let alone Ernest. He takes his pants down, and jumps right at it.

“Are we sure of this? Because I could be very demanding.” Irene opens up.

“Have I not been up to it, have I not addressedyour wish es?”

Irene grabs his head to hers, and kisses his lips. They kissed again and again.

He kisses her neck, her chest, her smooth skin, silky, he caresses them with his lips. 

“You know you have something big in you, and something big is coming, are you up to this Ernest?”

“I will die for you.”

“I may just want this night?”

“I will fight for you, but don’t fire me.”

“I may need to.”


“If you get me pregnant, I can’t have you working like a slave for me.”

“I already am, why can’t I just be that, aren’t husbands like that?”

“You’re talking about your folks. I want a baby, better get it right.”

They made love all night. On the last round, it was almost daylight. 

“Ernest, it’s best we sleep, I may have Bernard and Anna come around 9AM. You may have to get up and cook, or wait for the cook maybe around 6AM.”

“What? They’re coming? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Oh… I cannot interrupt you last night, remember. Coitus Interruptus.”

“Oh, so, that means…”

“I need to move in, perfect timing, I like you too.”

“No, I love you Irene. You gave me a sense of purpose, now another.”

“I’m so tired, and I can’t feel a thing right now, I’ll talk to you when I wake up.”

Irene dozes off and sleeps. While Ernie gets up and walks out of his room. He goes back inside his room. 

“Wow, good thing nobody is out there yet, I’m naked.”

He goes back out again, this time decent. He heads to the lakeshore to see if anyone is coming in. Seeing some movement from the mainland, he goes right back inside the house running.

He goes to his work station and turns his computers on. One is on standby 24/7, controls the cameras. And the other one detects any motion and temperature change.

The range finders detected ships ahead of the island, there was one that was in a vector for the island.

“Incoming ship, please identify, this is Horse Island over.” Ernest makes a radio call on a standard marine frequency for the lake area. 

“Who the hell are you guys, transponder is not giving me an ID.” Ernest talking to himself.

“Incoming ship, please identify, this is Horse Island, over.” No answer, Ernest presses the panic button. 

He runs down the basement. Prepares a few rounds of shotgun and a Kriss Vector on hand. Additionally, he puts on his ammo belt with a 9mm side arm. 

“Incoming ship, please identify, this is Horse Island, over.” No answer.

His dad woke up and saw him running up and down. 


Ernest turns to his dad behind him. “I know what it looks like. But my girl is a billionaire, she is also my boss, she has enemies. And there is an incoming ship that has no ID. So yes, I am panicking.”

“I can have the shotgun.”

Ernest calls Anna Shaw on his computer.

“Ernest, is it early to call?” Anna’s hello.

“It will be too late then. Are we expecting guests?”

“You have incoming?”

“No ID.”

“Rajiv and Patel’s teams are on the island. Maybe that’s the cook.”

“What frequency? They are not responding to me on the standard.”

“Patel should be approaching the house now. They should respond on the standard frequencies. Ernest, this is too close for comfort.”

“I know, how do you contact the cook?”

“He’s not answering my call.”

“I don’t want to sink any ship, but if this gets any closer. What is your advice?”

“I do not know yet, have Rajiv and Patel size it up first. Hold on I have an incoming call.”

It was an unknown number. Anna frowns and wonders who could this be, she answers, “Hello,” crisply.

“Hello, this is Anthony, I am Antolini’s nephew, I will replacing him today.”

Anna hangs up. “Wrong accent, wrong voice, wrong name, wrong grammar.”

“Hey Ernest, Warren, the cook, he’s not answering. Too close for comfort, I say, someone just called me and he says the wrong name. What arsenal do you have?”

“I have an EMP pointed directly at it, and a few small torpedoes.”

“Torpedoes are a little overkill, can you use the EMP instead, we’ll let the Gurkha’s check the ship.”

“Oh yes, the Gurkhas, do you have a photo of them.”

A small photo pop’s out of Rajiv and Patel on his computer screen. Ernest sees Rajiv knocking on the window pane. He signals him to wait, as he goes out.

“Can you radio Anna from here?”

“Sure, Sat Radio.”

Patel approaches him, “I’ve placed men on the inner perimeters, we have eyes on the tower.”

“Alright then, I do not have any military grade equipment here except for the EMP and the Torpedoes. Which is actually not military grade.”

“How so?”

“I made them. Can you see if you can size up the incoming ship? I need to know if I will sink it or not. Please tell Anna too.”

“We are on this frequency; do you have these comms?” Rajiv wrote down the frequency and gave him the note. 

“Yes, I have that comm.”

“Okay, I’ll send two squads, one up where it is incoming and two teams to patrol,” Rajiv informs him.

Patel adds, “I still have two squads opposite that shore over there, they should provide watch on the opposite side. We’ll have an overwatch on the tower. I’ll have drones fly out too.”

“Great, that sounds like a plan.”