Short Stories

Truth, courtship, love, marriage, sold

While Robert was walking towards the living room. Rodney puts his arms around Jennifer’s shoulders. And…

“Don’t you go fresh on me,” she pushes him, and throws his arms away.

“What? What fresh?” innocently Rodney asks. 

As they both were at the door to her room, Jennifer went in first and shut the door behind her, shutting Rodney out. 

I think I know people, but she is not like people, girls are difficult to fathom. Rodney’ mind confused on how to get through her.

While Jennifer ponders inside her room. 

What must I do, he’s going to be in the room with me, oh I left him outside, good for him. I am going to be married to him? Am I okay with that? Of course not. Why did I leave him outside? Shall we kiss?

She opens her room and pulls Rodney inside, and shuts the door quick.

She is in an awkward position, for in her haste, to close the door, she also pushes the lock button of the door knob. And, pushed Rodney to the door, pinning him.

Her body and Rodney’s body touched, they are in such a position that they look like they are hugging each other, while the door is behind Rodney. 

She could feel Rodney’s chest and him breathing down on her. Her left hand on Rodney’s chest, as she tries to break her fall. Rodney awkwardly, holds her waist with both of his hands.

Rodney’s body angled and leaning his back to the door, his lips were close to Jennifer’s lips.

Jennifer tips her toes to reach, and Rodney compliments, bowing his head to meet and catch her lips. They kissed, they kissed hard, Jennifer kissed hard with passion, that she has never done before.

“I have never kissed a girl before,” Rodney opens up, to their awkward position, their lips almost touched.

Like a spell that was broken, Jennifer realized that she’s been fantasizing, she could see Rodney’s face and his lips. Then she kissed him quickly.

“They’re satisfied,” says Jennifer annoyed at having her moment of fantasizing and daydreaming interrupted. Then she pushes him, “I told you not to get fresh with me.” Jennifer turns her back to Rodney.

“Oh thanks, that was nice.” Rodney smiles, “I wish I could have more of that.”

“Oh is that so?” Jennifer replied with eyes squinting while she turned to face him.

“I mean all I thought of coming here was, I wanted to talk, get to know you, all I have are bits and pieces, I want to know what you like, what you hate, when is your birthday, but marriage is news to me too.”

“Oh like you do not want this?” Jennifer grabbed Rodney’s hand making him touch somewhere below the belt line to where the womb is.

And in so little a time Jennifer has so many things in her head.

You are such a sweet thing Rodney, noble, so gallant, handsome, honorable, romantic, even oh so thoughtful.

“Of course I do,” eagerly Rodney answers.

“A what?” She is shocked at Rodney’s admission. Oh Rodney, you are honest are you. Jennifer seems to be falling for Rodney everytime he answers now.

“I am a guy, I do think with my friend down there. I kind of promised your dad that I won’t get you pregnant yet we’ll have to see how we can avoid that.”

“It looks like we are skipping the courtship and love stage, and directly to marriage. Wait did you just say you want to have sex with me?”

“Hello, guys think with their heads down there. Look let’s take it slow for today, these things are happening so fast for me too.”

Jennifer sits on her bed, pats her hand on the bed, gesturing Rodney to sit beside her. He obliges.

“Rodney are we going to have some sort of endearing nicks?”

“I do not know, like… oh you mean like darling, sweet, honey, my love.”

“Okay, okay you get it. Getting overzealous there are you… Let me tease, think of this as my revenge for making me cry yesterday.”

“Why does that sound bad?”

“Lie down.”

“A what?”

“Lie down! I thought you ‘think with your junior’ down there.”

He obliges.

“The other way, the headboard is over there silly.”

Jennifer takes his shoes off. Then she sits on top of Rodney. Where it will always make any man stand and go for it.

“Jenjen, darling, I kind of promised your dad…”

“Shush! We are doing no such thing… And, oh, we are on endearing calls now are we. Looks like you can’t control yourself.” Playfully, she teases.

“Can I have more of your kiss, please.” Rodney pleads, like a child would ask for sweets.

She smiles at him, “now you were saying you want to talk.”

She had  Rodney move back sitting, with his back on the headboard. While she maintains her position sitting on top of him. And they kissed.

“When is your birthday? Mine is easy to remember,” presumptuously Rodney smiles, and teasing. 

“Well, December 31.” 

“Oh, wow, we have the same birthday.” Anticlimactic, that is how it was for Rodney.

“No, soulmates? I do not believe in such but wow yeah.” she kissed Rodney on the lips, and again, “I wonder if you are, my soulmate or we are.”

Suddenly the door knob makes a sound, it is still locked. 

“Jenjen,” Robert calls on her daughter on the other side, “what are you doing? Why is this door locked?”

“We are having sex papa.”

“What are you doing? I promised your father.”

“What?” Robert is not amused.

“No, no we are not having anything sir,” cries Rodney. But Jennifer covered his mouth, and it did not come out well on the other side. It sounded differently, muffled and just a moaning sound.

“I thought you promised.” Robert whispers, feeling betrayed by Rodney.

“Since you are marrying me off to him, might as well start now.” Jennifer laughing and teasing her father. Rodney manages to move Jennifer’s hand from his mouth.

“We are not doing anything sir, except for talk.”

Jennifer gets up and opens the door to her room.

“I see you don’t trust him, or you don’t trust me?”

Robert realizes that this was a joke, “why do you have to do that, are you trying to kill me? Rodney needs to go home early, so he will not be having dinner because of a curfew. The president has declared everyone should be home by 5PM.”

“Oh, I don’t know what that is, but can we talk for a little bit longer?”

“Well you have until after lunch, I suppose, after meals he needs to go home, and we need to stay home. I am going out to buy some groceries, well your mother and I. We’ll be back by lunch. No under the sheets yet okay!”

The instructions were clear, but the under the sheets were kind of confusing to the two. So Robert left for the market with his wife. Rodney and Jennifer are left alone, well not quite.

“Why can we not have courtship? Why can we not have love? Since we are already betrothed, should that still mean anything? Can we pretend that we are not arranged to be married yet.” Rodney opens up.

“I do not know, but we can try and go to that phase, but we already kissed. I’m just liking you more, the more I know you.”

“I want to love you, but what does it mean? What must I do? I am attracted to you. 

You are like that sweet cola, that fizzles down my stomach, 

The more I drink of you, the more I speak love of you,

The more I hold you, the more I want you.

Please tell me if that is love, because that is how I want you.”

“Rodney, you speak like a poet, in fact that is your gift, but the more you question what you feel, and think and your uncertainty. That is how I feel for you, those are the same feelings I feel for you. Those are the same uncertainty I feel too. 

I guess right now we have seemed to have rolled courtship and love and perhaps marriage in one. But loving you I guess I must, but will you, with my baggage.”

“Show me your little critter then,” Rodney smiles ”if I must, I am already feeling it, like you said.”

It was like a thorn was pulled from her side. Like all the weight of the world. She goes out, and brings her baby back in and shows her to Rodney. “Then all this, I guess I am sold.”