Glued to the book

I never liked reading novels, because some of the words were quite boring to me, I just did not have the knack for it or so I thought. I was told by my cousin’s cousin that I should use my imagination. I don’t even know how to use it. Plus most of the novels that were around were like love stories, so they kind of gave me that perception, novels are for girls. No siree! I am an action man, no girly stuff for me.

On that summer, I found this book lying around the house, I don’t even know who owns it. It looked old, what peeked my interest was not of the title “The Eight” but more of the symbol it used which was like infinity. For us Asians, especially if you can trace your ancestry as having some Chinese, this means luck and it also meant more to me specially the mathematical symbol it represents.

I remember skipping through pages specially the first part which I found really boring. When I eventually got into the part where the heroine is a computer person now that kept me going. Back then computers were a big thing with all of the innovations during the 80’s. Hell the PC was so revolutionary, we had Commodore at school, my classmates got an Apple. So I thought this may not be boring, after all, it got my interest, it got my brain working, it gave me ‘imagination‘. I was so glued with the book, that you had to move back and to the previous pages because of its intricacies you sometimes forget who is who. It was the first time I read more European names outside of school of course more like the Eastern block or Russian types, it was the first time I have ever heard of Slavs. Katherine Neville, knows how to build her characters up, she knows how to build the story up, that it keeps you tearing down the pages. And that first part where I said was boring, I was so wrong, I got lost that I had to go back again and read the beginning of the novel again.

That experience was so magical to me that I could never forget the title. I did not know who the author was back then because the book was lost to me. All the more it seemed magical and mysterious. A few years later, I had a Mandela effect, I thought it was a movie. That is how vivid it was for me, Katherine Neville simply connected with me on this one.

Below is a link to the novel’s synopsis.