I wanted it to be a war movie!

After watching the movie “Hunt for Red October” later “The Patriot Games“. I managed to get my hands on a Tom Clancy novel well two to be exact, the first one was “Red Storm Rising” and the second was “The Sum of All Fears“. Of the two, I prefer to have the former to be a movie. But I was told that they’d never make that one, as it would be too costly.

The novel co-written with Larry Bond, would indeed be too costly. “Red Storm Rising“, is too complex, with a lot of characters and locations, its like watching “The Longest Day”, only more updated and more war theatres to cover. The novel in nutshell is about World War Three started by the Soviet Union with its Satellites against the United States and its Allies.

The novel for me as a war buff, was exhilarating, I never knew that there were Muslims in the Soviet Union, first time I heard some Russian words like Maskirovka. The novel’s intricacies matches its detail and structure on how the Allies would react in case of a Soviet aggression. And the possible targets for Soviet first strikes, with the use of the infamous Russian Maskirovka.

Read the synopsis here.