Untouchable Billionaires

Prologue to the new gods

Billionaires, are just like you and I, ordinary, unsophisticated, even slobbish. But because of their wealth, they are able to look sophisticated, godly and clean. Because of their fortune, they are shrouded in mystery, hiding in their palaces, away from the peering eyes of ordinary folks, and more especially… their enemies.

They have become the new gods, and like the old gods, they fight amongst each other. Like the old gods, their minions fight for them. 

Like they old gods who branded us into different races. They, the billionaires, brand us with their microchips. And so godly of them, they even cull us, in the guise of vax, we know one devata, and quite an untouchable billionaire.

Like the Hebrew God in the Bible, who knows our hearts, mind, body and soul. They own the internet, they know what you think, they know what is in your hearts, because your social media says so.

Like the gods, they play with your destiny, your future is predetermined by them. The social media gods tell you, what is right and wrong, they make the right wrong, and the wrong right.

It is so subtle, you will never notice it. Like the old gods of Sumeria, who shortened the lives of humans, in time man’s age progressed to 120 from even a thousand years.

There are so many colors, yet they make black into white, that is all that matters, the rest of us do not live. They own your everything, and none of us will know. 

They turn everything into their image, and you will not know how. They turn hate into love and love into hate. They make the fascists anti-fascists, they make freedom a crime, and criminals into heroes.

The king has fallen, the fascists control him.

Their influence has made them untouchable, touch a billionaire, and you would most likely be pounded down by their bodyguards.

Wake up not to a nightmare, be an Ivri.

Untouchable they may seem, but billionaires are human too. And as such we have heard of a billionaire, incognito, walking around and taking a ride on trains, and alone. If there were bodyguards they may as well be incognito too.

And some are like the titan Prometheus, giving us humans the knowledge, and the tools to help and better ourselves, without the extra benefit of a profit.

They are for the most part, wanting… no needing the touch of another human. To be human again.