Untouchable Billionaires

Interview with the 3 Ronin

Chapter 17

“Wait, let me just set up the recording equipment.” Az interrupts and moves around the tight space of the news van.

“Attention in the van, will the guys in black please at least give us a name or even an alias?” A voice from the speaker inside the cargo bay.

All three looked at each other, “Okay.” Says Ronnie 3, the rest nods in agreement.

“Patricia, can you please tell them our alias, Ronnie 1, Ronnie 2 and Ronnie 3.”

Patricia nods, and opens the door window down, “Hey, idiot, can you hear me?”

“Yes your beautiful idiotness, we can hear you loud and clear and stop playing with your mouth please.” 

Patricia was trying to make it look like she was talking and make it sound and look like their mike is broken.

“Oh, they have cameras.” Patricia to the people inside the van, then she goes back to face the van’s open window and, “Their aliases are Ronnie 1, Ronnie 2 and Ronnie 3.”

“Thank you very much ma’am, we will be right with you once we arrive.”

Patricia turns to the Ronnies, “should I ask more and keep them talking?”

“Nope, it is futile and a waste of energy, they could just mute you anyway, and I don’t think the ones that you are talking to are here. Listen they could have killed us but didn’t. Why?” Ronnie 2 answers

“Hey, I kind of started recording about before Pat, cried Ronnie, Ronnie…” Azaria interrupts.

“That is fine I suppose.” Ronnie 3 agrees. “Maybe to answer your question Ronnie2, is that they are more curious to what and who we are, and why?”

“As well as we are that curious with them.” Ronnie 1 adds.

“Exactly, they may have also realized that today was a sloppy op, and want to know why?”

“Maybe she could call Carol?” Ronnie 2 suggests an idea.

“Yeah I can call Carol, she said there was a firefight.”

“Maybe you should, were you the first, and were you the first always or at least earlier than the rest of the other news companies everytime she calls you.” Ronnie 2 sounded more suspicious and even more incredulous.

“Why yes? Now that you’ve mentioned it, are you suggesting something nefarious?”

“Not necessarily, but we always have something nefarious, our business is usually killing. And it has been good. Business has been good.” Ronnie 3 replies. Then the other two Ronnies nod in agreement.

“Okay calling Carol…” the phone rings, meanwhile something mechanical sounds is overheard by the people in the van.

The speaker sounds off, “oh hello again, can your beautiful driver please take the mike and put it beside the phone, we’d like it to be on speaker phone please.”

Patricia without any hesitation takes the wireless mike that was carried by a pulley and cable system within the cargo bay. The three Ronnies, Sam, Az and Leo all looked at each other.

“Might as well have them listen, they can already hear us anyway.” Ronnie 3 agrees.

They placed the mike at the center on a makeshift table, and as well as the phone as it continues to ring. Then Linda answers.

“Hello Sam, are you alright?” Linda answers.

The Ronnies gesture towards Sam to talk to her.

“Yes, yes, we are alright Carol. Where are you?”

“I could not answer you right away, this guy is bugging me, he says they are doing a LiDar scan of the area and I had to move my car. I’m at the harbor looking for you, there was some commotion at the station.”

“Oh, we’ve left, yeah there was. So how did you know about the trouble at the harbor?”

“I was fishing.”

“I didn’t know you liked fishing, you said you hate fishing.”

“Yeah I do, but these things keep you up and about when I am with things that I hate.”

“And what are those exactly that you should be up and about for.”

“Oh you know, boys and girls,” she frowns.

Ronnie 3 gestures to Sam to stop talking, “So is Carol your real name then?”

“What are you going to do with them?” Linda trying to be contemptuous.

“Are you even imploring or trying to be defiant?” Ronnie 2 answers.

“Listen Miss Sunshine or whatever your name is, we will respect that? I want to know what just happened?” Ronnie 3, wanting a direct answer.

“I am as boggled as you are, it was a simple snatch and grab operation.” 

“Who else knows about this?” Ronnie 2 inquires.

“You do not need to know?”

“Well we do, because right now was like a death sentence.”

“You guys are like HKs, you guys do not have a master. Why should you care?”

“Who were you guys supposed to kidnap?” Samantha interrupts.

“Oh it’s some guy, maybe her long lost love or ex boyfriend.” Ronnie 2 answers avoiding the real answer.

“It’s Ernesto Sirg.” Ronnie 3 flatly answers.

“Who is he?” Samantha follows up.

“No one!” Replies Linda.

“Oh, Carol, is that even your real name?”

“Is Bronx even your real name? Of course not Samantha.”

“What is he?” Ronnie 2 follows up his question.

“I do not know?”

“Very well then, who asked you to have him taken out?” Ronnie 2 continues.

“Need to know.”

“Bullshit, if we are to get him, you said it was easy peasy, apparently we were not that prepared because you gave us wrong info. So who?” Ronnie 1 reinforces Ronnie 2’s question.

“Might I add, you need to pay up more for the wrong info, and for almost getting us killed, and the amount you paid, it does not fit the bill in the first place.” Ronne 2 continues on, “so who?”

“I said, you are on a need to know basis.”

“We do not need a lot of money to find you, we can always find you, and find out for ourselves. But you will not like it when that happens. You betrayed us in one form or another.” Ronnie 1 replies.

While all of their conversation is taking place. A piece of the wall slides down in front of them and reveals a large monitor. It is turned on, with a message that says…

Ask her who is Dimanche Maginot?

“Hey, fellas, look…” Patricia calls on the rest of the crew and the Ronnies.

They all turn to read it.

“No I did not betray you, why do you think I lead the reporter to you, so that you can use her to get away.” Linda rebuts Ronnie 1.

Samantha was shocked at her answer.

“Look guys, I just wanted you guys out of there so that we can regroup and rethink what has just happened.” Continues Linda.

Samantha, feeling numb, asks flatly, “So who is Dimanche Maginot?”

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