Wakwak A Novel

Chapter 14

I am still dumbfounded today, that a professional unit could make such a blunder like that, or maybe they were an expeditionary force but were pulled out because there was real trouble in Luzon and they need to beef up more security.

In any case good for us, and us in particular we had time to prepare. We made Samar and Leyte spooky for them, the islands became the weak spot for the Japs, which eventually became a battleground when America struck back.

At that time when the Japs withdrew, I could not believe it with my own eyes. I did not give chase nor was I interested in going near them. I was simply relieved to see them go. That’s it.

Steffan despondent at how the story ends, “Wait a minute.” With a quizzical stare and aggrieved, he then protests, “Oh shit don’t even try that inscrutable stare, you were supposed to talk about your training.”

“Oh, now you’re interested are you, so I am not such a boring fella am I?”

“Give me a break please! I thought you were going to educate me.”

“Like you said, educate then, but you’ll have to practice.”

“Oh… oh, okay baiting me okay, I mean the changing to an animal, kind of like a skinwalker, interesting, interested.”

“Okay first the story and do not interrupt, and by the way I know what a katana looks like and a regular knife or bayonet.”

Seriously no one remembers the Japs being there in Samar that early, anyway when they left I knew if they would have won or not, they would eventually come back to the island.

If they come back, they’d take the island easily with basically the army there none existent. We needed to prepare for the worse. We regrouped back to their camp to rest before we moved out and looked for another hideout.

When we reached the hunter’s camp, there was a sense of dread in me, I didn’t know what it was yet. Then a really large bat was flying around. I’ve seen large bats, but this one was rather unusual.

“Kikik,” Tasyo was telling me something, I did not understand what it was.

“A what now?” I replied to him, this time in my own accent, and Tasyo his.

“Do you hear that sound?” 

“Yeah? What is it?”

“Can you try to describe what you hear? How does it sound to your ears?  I mean say it.”

I tried to imitate it miserably, “kie kie kie…”

“Well, closer I suppose, we just call them how they sound as they call us how we sound to normal ears.”


“We call them ‘kikik’ around these parts, the others call them ‘tiktik’ like the Tagalogs in Luzon.”

“So what are they?”

“Like us, but not exactly like us. All I know is their tradition is quite similar to ours, except that they have that bat, and they sound like that, but instead of the life force they literally are more violent, I mean they kill with blood and guts.”

“Blood and guts, what do you mean they suck blood? Like vampires?”

“So vampires suck blood?”


“No, they do not suck blood, they literally eat you, they prefer the heart, liver, those kinds of parts.”

“That does not sound very pleasant is it?”

“By our standards no.”

“How do they kill?”

“In strength, equally with us, they usually would rather rip your throat and drink your blood, and consume all of you.”

“So us, we are on that menu?”

“I do not think so. Would that make them also in ours?”

“Fair enough, what is up with the bat?”

“Now that is like his eyes and ears, it goes ahead of him or behind him. Since it is circling around us it must be headed this way.”

“When you said it that way, would it move once it has arrived?”

“If you can hear the kikik, he is actually further away, when it sounds like moving away and or the sound is difficult to hear, it should be coming or probably nearby. For now it’s just circling over us.”

“Should we just let it be, what happens if we kill it?”

“They die, usually but the way I see it, you can’t kill that thing. Look it’s moving away.”

Tasyo looked at Bering and Tingting, it did not need any words, they just both took off and did their thing.

“So it’s moving away and the two left, are you expecting it to come over here?”

“I surely hope so, it would be nice to talk to one.”

I could hear Bering call us from a distance, so it was time for me to switch mode.

“Lovely, it’s coming for us.” I said to Tasyo.

“I’ve never met one ever before, I wonder how many?”

“Hey, she should be here any moment.” Tingting comes back and stands in front of us.

Not a moment too soon, the kikik arrived, I realized the sound of the bat, was so distant and faded, well fading in and out. I mean that thing was flying around in circles as if checking the perimeter radius.

I don’t know how these things happen but everything seems to be a little illuminated, like a  moonlight shining down on us. What I am trying to say is, it was like we were glowing. All the living things were glowing.

I have no idea or have seen their kind attack yet or consume their prey. The three of us standing on the ground. 

From out of the shadows she came out aglow, well not really glowing literally with light but enough to see her face her whole body so to speak. 

Wait let me try to rephrase that, it was like she came out of a black hole somewhere midair, all of a sudden she was there right in front of me or us actually. Her hair was like floating. Maybe it was even moving like an appendage.

She was wearing a white nighty dress, the dress went all the way down to her ankles and the sleeves were long.  She appeared like a ghost or a banshee.If you talk about costume, well she was nailing it, I do not know if she prepared for it.  

“Wakwak.” Those were her first words when she met us.

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