Untouchable Billionaires

Linda Cunningham 3

Chapter 15

“Hey, here is ten bucks now get out.” Anders gave in on the pizza man, and paid him, just to get him out. Before he could add more chaos in the small police station.

Pizza man’s turban falls to the floor, along it a hidden smoke grenade.

Pat stares at the turban. Then she stares at the pizza man, who is actually blond. Meanwhile outside the other news vans arrive.

“What the fuck is that?”

“Oh shit, the jig is up, those are party strings, it’s supposed to be Anders Robets birthday surprise. I never should have hid that can on top of my head.”

“It’s Robertson, you idiot, and today is not my birthday. Now just hand it over.”

“Mole one and Pizza man, this is Scoundrel Base. Do it now!”

The pizza man gives the pizza to Pat and slowly picks the turban and the supposedly party strings can. He takes the money from Anders. And he looks at Pat, who as of this moment opens to see what is inside.

Pizza man breaks the can in two, they were actually two smoke grenades, encased in plastic. He pulls the pin on the first and throws it towards the receiving area where Anders is.

Then he pulls the next one and throws it towards Pat.

“I hate anchovies, and on pepperoni, who the hell puts anchovies on pepperonis?” Pat complains. 

Her eyes suddenly widen, as she looks back at the pizza man. “Oh shit!”

Explosion rocks the office, enough to startle everyone and then a quick heavy smoke engulfs the room. Blinding everyone with the quick flash, the smoke made visibility zero.

The Ronnies all of their eyes closed as the grenade went up. Then they covered their ears, and took cover. 

The scoundrels exit the room.

“Scoundrels waiting for extract.” 

From above drones with lasers, hovers low, enough to jam the security cameras. Then more smoke grenades are thrown outside to create more confusion.

“You want an exclusive?” Ronnie 1, asks Samantha, as he pulls her down to the floor.

“Of course!”

“You have a ride?”

“Yes, Patricia over there our driver.”

Ronnie 1 looks at Ronnie 3, “Patricia, driver.”

“I’ll have the camera man.” Ronnie 2 nods to both.

“Where’s your ride?” Ronnie 3 grabs Patricia outside.

“This way?”

Mole one or actual call sign Scoundrel One, throws two concussion grenades. “Fire in the hole!”

Ronnie 2 and Ronnie 1 grab their immediate hostages, and run towards the news van.

An ambulance arrives with their sirens screaming and picks the two scoundrels.

“What the hell just happened?” Linda is all the more confused. She calls Dimanche.

“Hey, what is up babe?” Dimanche answers the phone.

“Did you just do something?”

“No, I hate surprise parties?” Dimanche smiles, making his voice sound happy.

“I’ll get back to you.”

She sees the three Ronnies with the news crew running towards the news van. Then they bolt out. She calls another person, on another burner phone taped with a label ‘DOC’.

“Hey, doc, did you guys send anyone to where I am at?”

“No, except for the two Marshalls we sent to observe.”

“Well the three amigos just left and the Marshalls did nothing except go into the burning building and investigate. A distraction, there is another at play here.”

“What do you plan next?”

“I am going to give chase to the three amigos.”

“Let us know where you are in an hour.”

“Goodbye. What the hell is going on, drones flying over head…”

Behind her, the guys request for a redirect of resources.

“Scoundrel base, we need to redirect one of the assets, and see what she is doing from above, maybe go behind the car.”

One of the drones used earlier to mess up with the Ronnies comes behind Linda’s car.

In about a minute, they get a hint.

“Squirrel one, Scoundrel base, it looks like she is using a tracker app, to be specific it seems an android tracker app for family.”

“Base, please advise, on what to do with her, she seems to be in on this all the way. I think she is the director for this op.”

“Squirrel One, this is Mother, tag her, tail her, but stay away from her, we want to know who she works for.” Anna Shaw breaks the conversation. “Bring the three in!” 

Back in the news van, that harbors the suspects. “Hey!” Patricia yells at everyone, “it would pretty much help us out of here, if you tell me where we are headed.”

“Anywhere but here.” Ronnie 3 orders.

“It would be prudent that we avoid anything that sounds like a siren.” Ronnie 2 adds.

The ambulance that picked up Scoundrel 1 and 2 are closing in on them from Ambrose St. while they are at Edmund St., where Ambrose St. ends.

“Exactly like that,” alarmed Ronnie 2 comments, “can we race against that sound ominous sound.”

“Sure thing Geronimo.” Patricia obliges and speeds up.

While Linda, tinkers with the tracking app, one of the Squirrels comes up to her. He walks from the rear and stops in front of the car waving at her.

Linda opens the car window.

“Can I help you?” Who could be this ashole wearing a jumpsuit, seriously is it even in fashion now?

“Ah, finally, I am sorry to bother you ma’am,” he points up towards the drone, “we are doing a search on the perimeter, as you can see we are from the cable company and we are surveying the area and the lay of the land so to speak.”

“So what has that got to do with me and the drone?”

“The drone surveys the area for us, it has sophisticated equipment,” the squirrel snorts and pretends to laugh and smile, “and you know…”

“Ha ha, I don’t know what?” Just what I need is another idiot, Linda irritated at the man.

“Ahm… we kind of need you to move over so that the LiDar equipment on the bigger drones can’t see what is underneath your car.” The squirrel smiles flirtingly as he pats the car’s bottom at the same time tagging it with a tracking device and an RFID sticker.

“Oh, oh, that you need me to move, I’m sorry, you guys are working around here.”

Linda moves as far as the drones that she thinks are working. Enough to buy time and funnel the prey into a trap, distracting her from tracking the news van.

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