Wakwak A Novel

Chapter 11

And then they flew. It was the two guys who dug up the grave and went ahead of us, as scouts.

“What was that sound?”

“That Jo, is how the regular humans hear our voices, it is hidden from them, only we who have turned on our wakwak side can understand it. You will learn when to turn it on and off and turn it halfway.”

“So how do I turn it on?” This time I saw Tasyo’s eyes were burning like ember, or coal like burning. It was really a scary sight. “uhh… Old man Tasyo? What’s with the eyes?”

“These eyes; is how we see in the dark; this is also how we identify those who are like us.”

From a distance I could hear the other scouts bark the wakwak sound again. And I hear that sound from old man Tasyo himself. “Jo, listen to my voice carefully, try to imagine what it would sound like if it was you talking to someone.”

Tasyo gave another call to the scouts, and this time I thought of what he said, so I imagined it in English. 

But all I heard was them talking in their language this time, there was a transition from the wakwak sound to a more identifiable language this time. “You know what I still give up, it’s not in English.”

“Ah… you are ready, now follow what I do, when you think that you must move faster just think faster.”

I didn’t get what the hell he was talking about, but I presumed right that we were going to fly. 

He spread his arms sideways; then there was some sort of semi-transparent film like a dragonfly’s wing transparency. It reminded me of the flying squirrels, because the wing was under his arms but it extended under the wrist of his arms. 

This time it reminded me of a creature of the night, it looked like bat wings, but with the elegance of a dragonfly’s wings.

“It’s your turn Jo”

“Amazing!” I did what he did of course it was awesome to look at. “So are we going to flap our wings now?” I was really naïve of how it works.

Tasyo looked at me perplexed at my statement “No need, we just think; fly.”

I did what he did, I think, I could feel wind blowing towards me. So I looked at the trees nearby and there wasn’t a single breeze. It seems we can channel some wind to our wings. 

Since I could not understand their language, I simply followed where Tasyo was going. 

“Come beside me Jo”

“So, what do you have in mind, Tasyo?”

“We need to regroup somewhere up in the mountains away from the Japanese.”

“I am all up for staying away from them Japs.”

“Who says we are? We are merely regrouping; we need to teach you more of the rules of our ancestors.”

“Did you say our?”

“Yes, you are now one of us. But first we must grab more power, observe how the other two attacks and feed.”

I was taken aback on what he said, but I felt really honored to be part of this exclusive club. 

It’s like the masons and the odd guys. The two scouts were on the tree tops, it was further away from the town center about an hour or two walk. They had positioned themselves up and behind the retreating battalion movement. 

“My countrymen are afraid of our sound, when they hear the wakwak sound. They try to stay away from the sound.” Tasyo explaining.

“But right now, these invaders do not know anything, so it is okay for us to talk. I want you to fly overhead or somewhere near them, fly under the tree top to see them in action.”

So, I followed them, the beauty with our power is that we can see through the canopy or even through walls. Well… maybe not necessarily, I think we can just sense the regular humans and our brain just gives us the picture. 

Anyway, I didn’t need to go below the treetops but I did.

One of the scouts instructed me by the number.

Steffan interrupts, “By the number?”

“You know, step one do this, step two do this…”

“oh that…”

“Now where were we, before I was interrupted?” Mr. Lutz drinks another shot of his whisky.

As I have said one of the scouts showed me the steps on how to attack the enemy or prey from the above. The unsuspecting Japs had no idea what they had gotten themselves into. 

“Listen Jo, first do this” he dropped down like he just lost his power of flight feet first. I couldn’t follow him down like that I didn’t know how yet. 

Anyway, he somehow stopped before he could hit the ground, just enough to grab the Jap from the back and he paused. “two grab your victim” this startled the Jap, and rattled him when he was being lifted up in the air in a sudden.

He screamed as he dropped his rifle, he squirmed and kicked.

“Then, imagine your whole body vibrating, if not, or you cannot feel any vibrations, then imagine growing these claws.”

At this point of time, I realize he was speaking in Waray, the local language, and in my mind I understood it as English.

There was an extension on his fingers, they were.

“Like white claws.” Steffan thinking out loud, his jaws dropped

“Are you going to keep on interrupting me?”

“My apologies, but that…”

“Of course that happened to you, now let me proceed or what?”


As you have said white claw like, and he wounds the Jap with it, but no blood, as you may have experienced it first hand. Then the white glow, he sucks it dry and let’s the Jap fall to the ground like shit.


Without any hesitation, I dove in, I realized I was head down and then I managed to change my position. I was not doing it right because the claws were already extended.

I did what he did although not in the right order, but it was effective.

“Alas, it seems that now you can understand us better.” Tasyo observes.

“I think indeed.” I was shocked to hear Tasyo with an annoying Brit accent.

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