Untouchable Billionaires

The Fool

Chapter 4

JESTER – Judicious Enquiry of Subject Testing Evaluation and Report.

Their identities are kept secret, they only have nicknames. And their nicknames have their own nicknames. 

Of the current people in the island only Irene, Bernard and Anna know their real identity.

The JESTER organization has several teams, but the ones in the Tua island are handpicked by the three. Teams are compartmentalized, they do not have a command structure except through Irene. 

A loose Jester team is stationed on the island. This team provides overwatch of the island’s security information and intelligence.

When Irene is at the island, her accompanying team takes the lead. Nicknamed as Jester Q

While the resident team provides assistance in practice they are more of an extension to the Jester Q team.

However, it is still the resident team’s lead on anything that happens within the island.

Anything that is not of the island Jester Q takes the lead.

And such is the case after the incident at Wolf’s bed.

On the handheld comms, Anna Shaw’s voice is heard, “…We will have a look at it later, but do hurry up, the season is beckoning…”

“I read you crystal mother, for now I am over, back to you for the final” Jester team lead replies.

“Jester Lead, Mother, Over and Out.” Anna terminated the conversation.

Jester Lead, is Omar, not his real name. They also nicknamed him as Ramo or Ramon. Since he fancies the old hip hop movies of the 1980s, and he loves to spray paint.

“Alright Jacks, any suggestions.” Jester Lead on the Jester supervisors.

“Omar, we cannot have these guys here in Tua much longer, we need to get them off the island.” Pamela, the resident Jester super cried.

“She is right, Omar. This island is supposed to be invisible, it does not exist.” Omar’s second command, Tara agrees with Pamela.

“Can we keep them alive first, maybe the trackers also have, bio tracker, like a health tracker aside from the GPS.” Sheldon, the resident tech nerd, adds to the mounting info that Omar is getting.

“We need to fool the GPS, and at the same time we need to keep them alive, even for an hour.” Omar, mashes the two information together. 

“Tell the medics to keep them alive. Have the stretcher move them around the island.”

“Off the island, Omar,” complains Pamela.

“Yes, you take care of that. But let us give the illusion that they are alive. Make it look the same altitude and speed.”

“Okay, use the same vessel, get them to the stretchers first. Medics, update, please.” Pamela turns and barks some orders.

“Wait!” Sheldon interrupts everyone. Holding a frequency finder on one of the guys. “I am not getting any other signal, except from a GPS tracker. It is on his watch.”

“This one is using their comms’ GPS, okay both are just using comms’ GPS signals.”

Omar still not relieved, “can they piggyback data transmission through GPS?”

“I do not think Uncle Sam would allow that for us civilian types. If you can, it will not be sent back to you. Unless you are with some special operations.”

So if this is the government, this would be a classified mission.” Omar talks to himself. “Can we spoof it?”

Sheldon shakes his head.

“How would you do it if you send a signal through the GPS.”

“I’d say I will have another satellite besides the US Government’s GPS. Use their service and transmit them to another Satellite. But what we have here is not long distance, they’d need someone nearby.”

“That is it, we need…”

From a distance Harold, a former Royal Navy Captain, calls them.

“Hello there!”

“Sir Harold! You are exactly what we need.” Omar sounded relieved.

Omar informs Harold of the situation.

“So you believe that these trackers are sending information to a nearby vessel?”

“Yes. I’d say go with your previous plan and move them around in circles, and pull their boat with our dinghies. Maybe we can buy some time.”

“Pam? Can you proceed please. Sheldon, I need more than frequencies, I need info if they are sending info.”

“Ladies, Gentlemen, I’m off to the war room, if you’d like to join me there, I will be waiting for you. We should be able to find your ship in an hour, I hope.” Harold leaves the Jester teams.

“Omar, we should consider first that we are already compromised.” Terah suggests.

“We are compromised! And I’d prefer to move out.”

“Hey Omar!” Sheldon ran towards him.

“Are we still wasting time?”

“I guess we may not need to bring them around in circles, I think the fabric covering the entire area in Tua and even the bay blocks the signal. It may have transmitted, but not when it went in.”

“How do you know? Explain.”

“Well you see, I’ve tried to look at the cellphones that they have, no signal. 

I also sent someone out in the open and had my phone try to find a network, it found one.

When they came back my cellphone was not receiving any signal from a network anymore.

I think the fabric used worked. It was a long shot.”

“So are you saying that we do not have to worry about any data sent?”

“The probability is slim, for as long as you are within the dead zone and then get killed in here the dead zone. 100%. Because right now there is no signal coming in from the network.

Oh, I’ve sent out four dinghy boats to triangulate the signal. They should be back any moment now.”

“Alright, is the doc around?” Omar, has a plan working in his head, “Let us all go to the war room. Hey Pamela, the phones cannot send any signal. So let us move on to the next phase. Investigate.”

“Really? But they have chips in them.”

Sheldon replies, “Those chips need the cellphones, and they need that RFID Scanner to transmit data to the cellphone and the cellphone then transmits it outside. 

Right now it is not getting any signal from their network, so it cannot transmit.”

“Just to be on the safe side. Do we still have those fabrics? I need to cover the body bag with it.”

“Call in the residents and have them take care of that.” Orders Omar.

Pamela had the residents take care of the bodies, since they know more of the facilities than she. 

The bodies were wrapped in a body bag, and the residents as advised wrapped them in fabric used to camouflage the island. Then they were all brought down to the lab for further examination.

The war room is down under the island, there is also a medical lab, for such a situation as this. And a hospital. A resident doctor, who may or may not have a physician’s license.

The hospital is also equipped with an MRI machine, so they have an option to do a virtual autopsy.

The underground base is truly a Faraday cage, no cellphone signal can get in or out.

Down at the war room, Omar and Terah join Harold, the chief of military operations. 

“Hello Harold,” Omar greets the chief, “we may have a reprieve, the fabric that Bernard chose had an added insulation that prevents cell signals from coming in and out.”

“Brilliant, so we are still moving out, well his Ladyship, should. I have sent out patrols to search for it. I have also mobilized the sub with three teams for boarding and to seize any.”

“Marvelous plan.” Omar is happy of what he hears, a little happier than earlier.

“So Lady’s chief, I think we may also have some other plans that may speed things up a bit.” Terah adds to what Omar just said, then he turns his head towards Omar.

Omar realizes that it was his turn to continue what Terah just said, “Oh, right, what Tara is trying to say, chief, is that we may have this in the bag, so to speak.”

“Oh, how so? Enlighten me.”

“Without your permission chief we have asked the Gurkhas to go out and take the dinghy to triangulate a cell tower signal.” 

Omar continues to explain Sheldon’s plan.

“Brilliant, I don’t think it would take that long, will it?”

“Speaking of the devil, sir chief.”

Sheldon comes in with Pamela, he seems to be happy.

“Gentlemen, ladies, we may have a signal and I think it is moving.”

Sheldon goes to the touch screen table and opens up the map of the area. Then points to the probability of the ship’s vector.

“I’d say it is a rather large ship that can carry a cell tower, but I hope that it is only a yacht, the signal strength is weak.”

“Very well, call in the nearest Rover, Delta Control.” Harold orders his men. “Have him sweep that vector.”

Fifteen minutes later. They found a ship, seven kilometers from the edge of Tua’s territory perimeter. 

“Alright, inform her Ladyship,” Harold informs his personal aide, “tell her we are sending the sub to confirm and to board and seize the ship.”

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